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Fantasycon 2023

Fantasycon 2023, 15th - 17th September
The Leonardo Royal Hotel, Broad St, Birmingham

Fantasycon is the British Fantasy Society's annual convention. it is an essential destination for readers, writers, artists, editors, and publishers of all things Fantasy, Horror and Science Fiction.

Every year Fantasycon offers readers and writers the opportunity to come together to discover, learn and discuss fantastic fiction in all its forms. Three days of panels, talks, workshops and socialising. Bringing together the best in writing, publishing and reading.

Fantasycon prides itself on its friendly members. Every year we welcome many first timers. But you are only a first timer once. Come along, meet like minded people and get the opportunity to network in the bar.

The most up to date programme information appears on the activity pages, which can be accessed from the drop down menu, above.

The outline programme can be found here.

The full programme can be found here.

The signing times that are agreed so far (more to come) can be found here. 

Booking options: 
To attend any part of the event you need to purchase Fantasycon 2023 Tickets. This is a sliding scale of costs depending on whether you are a member of the BFS, adult/student/child prices and when you book. Prices will go up in about a month after they go on sale and about a month or so before the event and buying a membership on the day will be more expensive again.  

The Day entry tickets are intended for people who wish to just wish to attend on a single day,  these will not go on sale until about a month before the event.  Booking a weekend ticket in advance may work out more economical.  These do not include any Award voting rights.  

If you would like a table to sell items please book ticket and table via the Dealers page.


All purchases from our site have a non refundable booking fee.  These costs are outlined on each item in the shop.

If you are having trouble booking please do contact us via email

You need to purchase a full weekend or day ticket to attend any part of the event, even if you are on a panel, an award nominee or taking part in a different way. The majority of attendees are participants, the event would not be viable if everyone did not contribute. 

The shop page of the website makes clear what is an is not included in your puchase from this site. If you are not sure please ask.
Any cancellations may be charged an admin fee and will lose booking fees.

Cancellations after August 15th 2023 may not be refunded.

We reserve the right to refuse attendance at our event for any reason.  Having said that we don't intend to use this in a malicious manner, but will take into account any concerns raised by other attendees, the hotel, our volunteers or the British Fantasy Society in particular.  

No reselling tickets or products. If we think you are (or have) buying tickets to sell on we reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone with those tickets and may not offer a refund. If we suspect this is being done before the event we reserve the right to cancel the products or tickets and refund minus the booking fee and an admin fee. 

Additional terms and Conditions can be found on our General Information Page

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