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Dealers and Sponsorship


If you have questions or are unsure at all, please contact us via email:

We intend to have signings and reading spaces available also, these will not be charged for, these can be booked via the programme participant form (coming soon).  Adverts are to go in the Event Guide a printed copy goes to all attendees of the event and will be available online.  Payments via the website are subject to a non refundable booking fee.  Please note that all attendees will need appropriate Fantasycon Ticket (Dealer or Regular) to be at the event even if they are intending to sell items in the dealers room.  


Dealer Ticket

We have a dealer ticket, which includes one table and attendance for one person.  You can purchase more than one dealer ticket, if you would like to, or you can purchase additional table space. All attendees will need an appropriate Fantasycon Ticket (Dealer or Regular) to be at the event even if they are intending to sell items in the dealers room.  


Authors who are attending the event but do not want to be at a stand can put a few copies of one or two titles on the Fantasycon table.  We will not be able to take large amount of stock (maximum 6 copies at one time, you can restock if these sell) and will not be able to display more than 2 titles per payment.  This means that it is not really suitable for publishers, but ideal for self published authors or authors whose publisher is not bringing other titles. It is your responsibility to bring the stock to us and to collect unsold copies at the end of the event. 


We are intending to put together and A4 sized, colour programme booklet and would love to promote your book, project or company in it.  You will need to supply the advert itself as a jpg or similar file rather than supplying separate artwork and text.  The programme booklet goes to all attendees.  


Dealer Ticket                                      £100 (£90 for BFS Members)

Additional Table                                 £30

1 page advert.                                    £100 (£50 for half page).

Books on Fantasycon table.            £15 plus 5% commission on any books sold.

(plus booking fee)

Book Launches

These can be a celebration of a new book or a group party, but must be open to all attendees. This can include readings, signings, etc. We do not charge for these, but you can pay for refreshments to be provided if you want these. 


There are opportunities to sponsor individual activities such as the British Fantasy Awards Banquet (subject to not being an award nominee), Event rooms, panels, etc. 

We will be actively pursuing media coverage for Fantasycon 2023 via press releases actively contacting local and national media as well as social media coverage.  We would make sure that we would highlight the role of our sponsors through these channels.   All items sponsored will be credited in the Event guide and Link/Logo put on the Fantasycon Website as well.   Please contact us to discuss sponsorship options. 

In addition to these, we are very grateful for any donations of books or items to go in the bag for attendees and for our charity raffle


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