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Authors who are attending the event but do not want to be at a stand can put a few copies of one or two titles on the Fantasycon table.  We will not be able to take large amount of stock (maximum 6 copies at one time, you can restock if these sell) and will not be able to display more than 2 titles per payment.  This means that it is not really suitable for publishers, but ideal for self published authors or authors whose publisher is not bringing other titles. It is your responsibility to bring the stock to us and to collect unsold copies at the end of the event. 

Price £15 + £1 non refundable booking fee plus 5% commission on any books sold.

Author - books on Fantasycon table

  • Any cancellations may be charged an admin fee and will lose booking fee.

    Item does not include Membership of and access to Fantasycon 2021.  
    Cancellations after September 1st 2021 may not be refunded.
    Other Terms and Conditions of booking are on the HWS & Fantasycon websites

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