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We never set out to run a convention, #Lavecon is the convention we accidentally ran...

Elite Dangerous began life as a successful Kickstarter and in its aftermath a community of excited fans waited for news and updates from Frontier Developments. In response to that need a podcast called Lave Radio was started by Chris "Foz" Forrester, Chris Jarvis, John Stabler and Allen Stroud.

After tow months of podcasts the team decided to meet up. Allen had a hard drive of audio material that needed to get to John, so they all agreed to meet in a hotel. They mentioned this on the podcast... and 60 people turned up on the day and so Lavecon was born.

We have got a bit more organised since that first Lavecon. We have a lovely venue in Northamptonshire, the Sedgebrook Hall Hotel, which we totally fill with talks, panels, audio and podcasts, RPGs, VR, LAN, board games,workshops, Artemis, special guests and of course the wonderful community of gamers.

If that sounds like your sort of thing, we would love you to join us, pop into our group on facebook or give us a shout on twitter. Tickets are likely to be available at the end of the year (or thereabouts) from our website.


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