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Fantasycon Readings in the Reading Room

Over the weekend of the event, the Disraeli room will be the location for a selection of readings from authors across the range of genre fiction.   A short list of questions are provided to allow each author to say a few a little about themselves before their reading, we hope the authors in each time slot will act as interviewer for each other.  We hope this allows the listeners to engage more fully with the author and their work.  The readings themselves should be no longer than fifteen minutes.  The session should finish 5 minutes before the next group to allow the audience to arrive/leave.  
Detailed below are some of the great authors you can listen to throughout the three days of Fantasycon. 
Friday 3.30pm - Horror (4)
Tade Thompson, Rio Youers, Tom Johnstone, Susi Holliday,
Friday 5pm - Fantasy (2)
Colleen Anderson, Anna Stephens
Friday 6pm - Horror (3)
Iain Grant, Heide Goody, Justin Lee Anderson

Friday 7pm -  Horror (3)

Stephen Laws, Simon Bestwick, Tina Rath

Friday 8pm - Horror (3)

Catriona Ward, Kit Power, Laura Mauro

Friday 9pm - Slipstream (3)
Andrew Hook, Clint Wastling, Dion Winton Polak
Friday 10pm - Horror & Comedy (4)
G. V. Anderson, Allen Stroud, Hal Duncan, Russell Smith
Saturday 10am - Fantasy (3)
Steven Poore, Shona Kinsella, Ben P Holden
Saturday 11am - Horror (3)
Ian Steadman, Eric Ian Steele, Ramsey Campbell
Saturday  Noon -  Fantasy (3)
David Tallerman, RJ Barker, Joel Cornah
Saturday 1pm - Science Fiction (3)
Steve Mchugh, Sandra Unerman, Ruth EJ Booth
Saturday 2pm - Horror (3)
Ray Cluley, Rosanne Rabinowitz, Sara Jayne Townsend
Saturday 3pm - Science Fiction (3)
Ian Whates, Pauline Kirk, Adrian Tchaikovsky
Saturday 4pm - Fantasy (3)
J A Browne, Suzie Wilde, Tasha Suri
Saturday 5pm - Readings (3)
Julia Ember, Naomi Foyle, Jaine Fenn
Saturday 6pm - Historical Fantasy (3)
Kristina Carvey, Cameron Johnston, Ginger Lee Thomason
Saturday 7pm - Weird Fiction (3)
Georgina Bruce, Ren Warom, Paul StJohn Mackintosh
Saturday 8pm - Fantasy (3)
Eliza Chan, Mike Chinn, James Everington
Saturday 9pm - Horror (3)
Tim Major, Priya Sharma, Gary Budden
Saturday 10pm - Fantasy (4)

Peter Sutton, Andy Remic, Anna Smith Spark, Jeannette Ng

Sunday 9.30am - Fantasy (4)
R. B. Watkinson, Mark A Latham, Ritchie Valentine Smith, Susie Williamson
Sunday 11am - Fantasy (3)
Den Patrick, Jen Williams, James Oswald
Sunday 12 Noon - Horror (3)
Helen Marshall, Malcolm Devlin, Neil Williamson
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