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January Update

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

So January didn't quite go to plan, which I think might be an ongoing theme for these updates...

I foolishly fell down the stairs while visiting relatives over the new year and dislocated my shoulder, what I didn't realise at the time is that I had actually fractured my shoulder as well... so that's made January a little slower and less ambidextrous than hoped.

So, I haven't quite got Lavecon tickets up on the website... or finished painting the bathroom.

But I did manage to catch up on some reading over Xmas and sent some reviews over to so, if you want to see what I have been reading, do have a look at the following reviews:

Dresden Files: Brief Cases - I knew this would be safe ground for good fiction and I wasn't disappointed.

Summerland - I was really curious to see what Hannu was writing following his Quantum Thief series and this came as a surprise.

Times Convert - I really enjoyed The Discovery of Witches series on TV and so was happy to read this novel that follows on from the trilogy. I was also given the trilogy for Xmas so wrote up a comparison review of the novel vs the TV series for the British Fantasy Society Journal which will come out later in the year.

In the same update there was a lovely review of Fantasycon 2018 that we organised back in October.

As a finale of 2018 I put up a blog post of all the reviews I had written in 2018, which was quite fun to write and revisit what I had been reading. It also got me thinking about Award nominations, although not everything I read or reviewed was eligible based on when they were released.

Allen wrote a blog post about his Wisimir books, which you might find interesting, he has also reviewed a few books for and

The Pit and Pendulum and other tales

Star Wars: Trawn Alliances

What Shape is Space?

The Bad Neighbour

We are working on a few other projects, including that I've been doing some proof reading and Allen is still working on Phoenix Point. I volunteer for scouts, so I have been busy getting some things in place for that also.

So February has arrived, Lavecon is definitely at the top of the list, but I am sure there will be time for a few other things, you never know, I may finish decorating the bathroom...


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