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A slightly late October Update...

So I meant to write an update for October, but I seem to have missed that particular deadline...

I guess if you have been reading our blog at all you already know that most of October we have been organising Fantasycon.

But even when organising such a thing, and much that it does seem to take over, life still goes on.

Allen had his formal graduation for his PhD at Winchester cathedral. It was a year ago that he took his viva and it was a hard road to get there. Allen has had a lot to deal with in the last few years, but despite that has worked so hard to achieve this. It's important for us to take a moment and reflect on that.

It's also been a difficult month for Allen as it was the anniversary of his father's death. It did get a little lost in the mayhem, but perhaps we can pop down to the crematorium in the next month or so.

I managed to damage my knee in September, but it took a month to get the x-ray done and, spoilers for November, when the results came in they gave me a diagnosis of secondary osteoarthritis.

We managed to get to Alasdair Stuart's birthday celebration at the start of the month, but sadly could not make Will Moore birthday the following week, it was just to close to our event.

Following the event I had a few days away in Ireland with some friends for Halloween, which was a real change of pace. There are some photos on our Instagram account if you are curious.

I have said this in other places, but it is worth repeating...

Thank you to everyone who took part in Fantasycon in any way over the last two years. The warm and welcoming atmosphere and entertaining panels / talks / workshops were entirely down to all of you.

To all six of the guests of Honour over the last two years you have been wonderful, interesting people who have been a delight to host as guests - Pat Cadigan, Ben Aaronovitch, Nancy Kilpatrick, Farah Mendlesohn, Claire North and Adrian Tchaikovsky

I wanted to say extra thank you to all the dealers who attended and took the saturday night hiccup in their stride and were so supportive.

Also to all the publishers and authors who took part in launches, donated books for the goodie bags or items for the raffle.

Huge extra thank yous to Marguerite Kenner and Alasdair Stuart and all of the wonderful Redcloaks, who helped before, during and after the event.

Thank you to Jo Fletcher and Stephen Jones for behind the scenes advice over the last two years. We were sad neither of you could make it this year.

Thank you to Ian Whates and Helen from NewCon Press, Nicky and Peter Crowther from PS Publishing and Francesca Tristan Barbini and Rob Malan from Luna Press for all your support and encouragement.

To the BFS Committee for trusting us with this thing in the first place and helping as get through when needed.

And of course from me to Allen Stroud who supports me when things get tough and celebrates with me when things go well.

And to the other silent and occasionally not so silent partners in HWS.

I have probably left a millions people out, but thank you all the same.

We are taking a break from organising Fantasycon, once the paperwork and accounts are done for this one. We will definitely still be around and probably involved in some way, so you won't get rid of us that easily.

We have some plans for the website, potentially developing it as a bit of a creative hub promoting the very vibrant British talent in publishing, art and other Fantasy, Science fiction and Horror related areas. So watch this space for more news on that.

How did your October go?


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