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Activities – An Overview

5th - 7th July 2019,
Sedgebrook Hall Hotel, Northants, UK

We have  whole variety of activities taking place over the weekend. A full programme will be posted here very soon, as we are just finalising a few things so there is more to come!

A draft outline programme can be downloaded here. 


Please don't take this as the final version as there are likely to be updates and a more detailed version. 

Activities will include Board Gaming, Cosplay, LAN Computer Gaming, Tabletop Roleplay, Readings from Authors, Workshops, Demos and interactive activities, VR, Q&A sessions, Talks, Panels, Special Guests and of course, Elite Dangerous!

Friday Evening

The main event does not start until Saturday, but we have a meal on the Friday night to welcome you to Lavecon and give you an opportunity to meet people in a relaxed social atmosphere. Ambassador Reception tickets need to be booked separately from your event ticket. 

All Weekend (Saturday & Sunday)

We have a lovely lounge where you can relax and play a board game or two, while enjoying complimentary tea or coffee (or if you prefer a drink or two from the bar). A number of our wonderful guests from Frontier will be staying all weekend, so it's a good opportunity to catch one or two of them. 

There is a lovely room we are calling the Games Room…  despite the fact there are lots of games in the other rooms… here you are likely to find the wonderful team from Spidermind games, with some RPG sessions and Battlecards. You are also likely to meet some people from Asmodee games with a agame or two for you to try.

Near to the entrance you will find the Artemis rooms, where we will have Starship Bridge Simulators, can your team be the best?

We are having a VR demo room where you can try out some different VR approaches. 

Also the LAN, where you will find Games and tournaments to take part in even if you don’t have your own PC with you.  There are tournaments running through the weekend as well as some Retro Gaming.

There is our wonderful Charity Raffle to raise money for two amazing charities; Special Effect and EDS UK. 100% of the takings of the raffle goes to charity.

And as a side note, if it is all too much and you need a quiet moment (although we do have a designated quiet room) there is the lovely swimming pool, spa and sauna.

Attendees from Frontier include:

Adam Woods

Dav Stott

Adam Bourke-Waite

Dominic Corner

Sally Morgan-Moore

Will Flanagan

Paige Harvey

Zac Antonachi

Gary Richards

Sarah Avory

Steve Kirby

Mark Allen

Peteris Krisjanis


In addition to the activities taking place all weekend we have somethings specifically taking place on the Saturday, this includes some time with our fabulous sponsors Spidermind games, Author readings, a Panel with online streamers, The Dev Prentice, the Quiz and late night Dockers. 

Of course we have the Frontier panel and Q&A from Adam Woods and the team!


Specific activities on Sunday include Abraka Drabble, Lave Radio Live and the draw for the charity raffle. 

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