Fantasycon:  Panels, Workshops and Presentations List (Sunday)

Here is the list for Sunday. Click on the activity you are interested in to find out more.
Starting Out Writing Genre Fiction - Sunday 9.30am (Panel Room 2)
Steven Poore (Moderator), Rachel McLean, G. V. Anderson, Peter Haynes, Tasha Suri
BFS AGM - Sunday 10am (Panel Room 1)
Lee Harris, James Barclay, Andy W Marsden
Workshop: Writing About Disabiliy in a Science Fiction or Fantasy Setting - Sunday 10am (Panel Room 3)
Ruth de Haas
Workshop: Creating Narrative Drive - Sunday 10.00am (Panel Room 4)
Rod Duncan
From Fanon to Canon - Sunday 10.30am (Panel Room 2)
Cheryl Morgan (Moderator), Allanah Hunt, Chris Jarvis, Kate Coe, Andrew Knighton
Fantasycon 2019 - Sunday 11am (Panel Room 1)
Andy W Marsden
Mythologies - Sunday 11.30am (Panel Room 2)
Julia Ember (Moderator), James Bennett, Cameron Johnston, Ginger Lee Thomason, Jeannett Ng
Reprinting Short Fiction - Sunday 11.30am (Panel Room 3)
Ian Whates (Moderator), Tim Major, Peter Mark May,  Marguerite Kenner, Nina Allan
Ghostly Happenings - Sunday 11.30am (Panel Room 4)
Susi Holliday (Moderator), Danny RhodesMarian Womack, Marion Pitman
Guest of Honour Interview: Claire North - Sunday 12 Noon (The Jubilee Room)
Claire North interviewed by Leila Abu el Hawa
Fantastic Inspiration - Sunday 12 Noon (Panel Room 1)
Paul StJohn Mackintosh (Moderator), Catriona Ward, Susie Williamson, Eliza Chan. Ritchie Valentine Smith, Tasha Suri
Underrepresented Voices in Genre Fiction - Sunday 12.30 (Panel Room 2)
James Bennett, Mike Brooks, Juliet Kemp, Clint Wastling
Dead Bodies - Sunday 12.30 (Panel Room 3)
Simon Bestwick (Moderator), Steve Toase, G.V. Anderson, James Brogden, Simon Clark
Renaissance Fantasy - Sunday 12.30 (Panel Room 4)
Andrew Knighton (Moderator), Den Patrick, Jeanette Ng, Julie Crisp, Anne Lyle
The British Fantasy Society Banquet - Sunday 1pm (The Jubilee Room)
Strange Fiction - Sunday 1pm (Panel Room 1)
Andrew Hook, Duncan P. Bradshaw, Gary Budden, Georgina Bruce, James Everington, Jan Edwards
Griminal Criminals! - Sunday 1.30pm (Panel Room 2)
David Tallerman (Moderator), Tom Johnstone, Kit Power, Rob Boffard
The Fantasycon Box of Plot Ideas - Sunday 1.30pm (Panel Room 3)
Phil Sloman (Moderator), Anna Stephens, Stark Holborn, Lucy Hounsom, Jacey Bedford
The British Fantasy Awards - 3pm (The Jubilee Room)
The Dead Dog Party - 4.30pm (The Jubilee Room)