Fantasycon:  Panels, Workshops and Presentations List (Sunday)

Here is the list for Sunday. Click on the activity you are interested in to find out more.

Fantasy Readings - Sunday 10.00am (The Reading Room)

Gray Williams

David Green

Pauline Kirk


BFS AGM - Sunday 10am (Panel Room 1)

Allen Ashley, Helen Armfield, Lee Harris


The annual meeting of the British Fantasy Society, presided over by the committee. All members of the society are invited to attend.


Surprise SMASH! - Sunday 10.00am (Panel Room 2)

Donna Scott (Moderator), Duncan Bradshaw, David Watkins


We’re heading into the future! What will be the great sellers, the next run away hits that sweep into the publishing industry and run away with the plaudits and prizes. From the outlandish to the strange, to the improbable and impossible, our panel with help from the audience consider what might be the next big thing.


Can Superhero Stories Change the World? - Sunday 10am (Panel Room 3)

Stewart Hotston (Moderator), Anna Stephens, Gavin Smith


Once the mainstay of comic books and graphic novels, now a staple in movies and novels, Superheroes are characters who can perform extraordinary feats, beyond what we mere mortals can do. But the best superhero characters remain relatable and human at heart. Our panel discusses the way superheroes can be used in stories.


The Magical - Sunday 11.00am (Panel Room 2)

David Allan (Moderator), Justin Lee Anderson, Susie WIlliamson, Amanda Read


There is something about magic in fantasy that remains indefineable, despite efforts to categorise, catalogue and rationalise it. What do you use magic for in your work? Our panel discusses the use of magic in writing, considering innovations, structures and how it can make a story sparkle, sometime literally!

Past Authors on Present Authors - Sunday 11.00am (Panel Room 2)

David Cartwright (Moderator), Ritchie Valentine Smith, Ben Marrow, Marcus Gipps


Who inspired your writing? Did you meet them? Who are you influenced by now? Some of the most influential writers of the past are names we all know, but others may be ones you have never heard of. Our panel discusses their writing and how it has been shaped by some of the great books they have read.

Readings - Sunday 11am (The Reading Room)

Marian Womack

Laura Mauro

Lucie Mcknight Hardy


Writepolis Live! - Sunday 12 Noon (Panel Room 1)

R. J. Barker, Kit Power


A live version of the popular podcast. Join R. J. Barker and Kit Power to discuss the profession of writing.


Representing Disability - Sunday 12 Noon (Panel Room 2)

Allen Stroud (Moderator), David Hartley, Kevin Elliott


Our world is a diverse place. Our futures and our fantasies should be similarly diverse. We should be able to ‘see’ ourselves to find role models and inspiring characters in stories. Join our panel as they discuss the representation of disability in genre fiction.


Time and Time Travel - Sunday 12 Noon (Panel Room 2)

F. D. Lee (Moderator), Tiffani Angus, Pauline Kirk, Steve Walsh


The future, the past, the present. We’re all travelling through time. Can events be changed if we went back? Who would remember? What if you meet yourself? All of these questions and more are ones a writer has to think about if they are using time in different ways in their stories. Join our panel to discuss novel ways of using time in a story.


The British Fantasy Society Banquet - Sunday 1pm (The Main Room)

The society’s annual dinner that precedes The British Fantasy Awards.


The British Fantasy Awards - 3pm (The Main Room)

Featuring the prize giving for Best Anthology, Best Artist, Best Collection, Best Comic/Graphic Novel, Best Fantasy Novel, Best Film/TV Production, Best Horror Novel, Best Independent Press, Best magazine/Periodical, Best Newcomer, Best Non-fiction, Best Novella, Best Short Fiction, Best Audio Work, and the Karl Wagner Award.


The Dead Dog Party - 4.30pm (The Main Room)

An after-party celebration of the convention, its participants, volunteers and organisers. Thank you all for coming! Party ends at 6pm.