Fantasycon:  Panels, Workshops and Presentations List (Saturday Morning)

Here is the list for Saturday. Click on the activity you are interested in to find out more.

Fairytales and Folklore - Saturday 9.00am (Panel Room 1)

Anna Smith Spark (Moderator), Teika Bellamy, Charlotte Bond, Lucy Hounsom


Cautionary stories we tell children, lingering local legends of monsters, rites and dark gods, hungry for sacrifice. Our continual fascination with myths from the past is a constant source of inspiration for writers. Our panel will discuss their favourite fairy tales and folk lore, exploring what works on them as readers and what they can use in their stories.


Workshop: Short Stories - Saturday 9.00am (Panel Room 2)

Shona Kinsella


Knowing where and how to submit short fiction can be confusing. From knowing when your piece is ready to submit, to writing a strong opening, choosing the right market to submit to, and writing a cover letter, learn how to make your work stand out in the slush pile. To participate in this workshop, please sign up at the registration desk.


Workshop: Self-Publishing - Saturday 9.00am (Panel Room 3)

Heide Goody, Iain Grant, Rachel McLean


When you decide to self publish your work, there are a lot of factors to consider. Heide Goody and Iain Grant offer advice and support on the self-publishing process, focusing on self-publishing as a business. Please sign up at the registration desk.


Fantasy Readings - Saturday 10am (Reading Room)

Lucy Hounsom

Gabriela Houston

Tiffani Angus


Author Marketing - Saturday 10am (Panel Room 1)

Richie Billing (Moderator), Michael R. Miller, Graeme Reynolds, Simon André Kledtke


Every writer wants to find their audience and most writers struggle to do so at the start. Our panel offers some guidance and advice on the dos and don’ts of marketing your work.


The Epic Fantasy Panel - Saturday 10.30am (Panel Room 2)

Anna Smith Spark (Moderator), RJ Barker, Jen Williams, Stephen Poore


Sweeping stories, huge characters and world changing events across vivid landscapes. The Epic Fantasy novel is a heady mix of incredible writing. Our panel examine the ingredients and draw from their experiences to discuss what might be the themes and innovations that we see in contemporary epic fantasy.


Neurodivergency - Saturday 10.30am (Panel Room 3)

David Hartley (Moderator), Emily Inkpen, Jonathan Walker, Rachel Emma Shaw


The term ‘Neurodivergent’ is used to describe someone who thinks differently from the way the majority (referred to as neurotypical) expect. Neurotypical means the opposite – someone whose brain behaves in the same way as the majority of society. How does this affect characters in writing? How does it affect writers and other creative individuals who are neurodiverse? Do we see enough representation?


Horror Readings - Saturday 11am (Reading Room)

Rosanne Rabinowitz

Stephen Oram

Duncan P. Bradshaw


Launch: Luna Press - 11am (Main Room)

Hosted by Francesca Barbini

This is Our Undoing by Lorraine Wilson 

Look Where You Are Going Not Where You have Been by  Steven J Dines

Worlds Apart - featuring chapters by Cheryl Morgan and Allen Stroud

Myths About Publishing - Saturday 11am (Panel Room 1)

Juliet Mushens (Moderator), Marcus Gipps, Dan Coxon, John Baker


What are the common misconceptions about the publishing industry? How do things really work? Many writers have assumptions about what happens to their manuscripts when they send them off. Our panel will reveal what happens at the other end and offer some advice on how best to navigate a publishing process.


The Fantasy Book Swap Podcast (Live) - Saturday 11.30am (Panel Room 2)

Ali Baker, Tiffany Angus


A live recording of the Fantasy Book Swap podcast, hosted by Ali Baker with guest Tiffani Angus. Fantasy Book Swap is a podcast about children’s fantasy fiction, where a guest chooses a favourite book from their childhood, Ali chooses a related contemporary one, and they discuss them.


Tiffani’s choice: The Crystal Cave by Mary Stewart

Ali’s choice: Why I Went Back by James Clammer.


Please come along with questions about the books,  and join in!


Damage - Saturday 11.30am (Panel Room 1)

Richie Billing (Moderator), Jenni Coutts, Peter Mark May, Rachel Emma Shaw


Wounds and injuries, inflicted physical and mental trauma. Our panel explores how writers try to portray this accurately.


Launch: Unsung Stories - Saturday 12 Noon (The Main Room)

Dan Coxon, Ashley Stokes, Laura Mauro, Gary Budden


Fantasy Readings - Saturday 12 Noon (The Reading Room)

Anna Stephens

Shona Kinsella



Religion and Horror - Saturday 12 Noon (Panel Room 1)

Iain Grant (Moderator), Jonathan Walker, Simon Clark, Jason Whittle


To some, the twisting of real world religions to suit the plot of a horror novel can be a conduit to reaching the reader. Everyone has a view on the big questions that religion tries to answer and the iconography of religions can be a rich source of inspiration for writers. Our panel discusses the use of religion in horror, how it resonates and becomes a useful part of their stories.