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Fantasycon:  Panels, Workshops and Presentations List (Saturday Morning)

Here is the list for Saturday. Click on the activity you are interested in to find out more.

9:00am: Fantasycon Reception Opens (Reception Area)
Pick up your goodie bag and ID card from our desk. After this, a phone number will be left on the desk for you to contact if you have any queries. Registration closes at 7pm.

Fantasy Readings - Saturday 9.30am (Reading Room)
Stephen Aryan, Thomas D. Lee, Juliet E. Mckenna, Teika Marija Smits

Shortcraft - Saturday 9.30am (Panel Room 2) 
Pete Sutton (Moderator), Richard Clive, Rachel Grosvenor, Tina Rath, Devin Martin.

What makes a good short story? How can the word limit play to your advantage? Our panel discuss writing short and their experiences.

Futures and Science Fiction - Saturday 9.30am (Panel Room 3) 
Allen Stroud (Moderator), Alastair Reynolds, Elliot Craggs, Eliza Mood, Pauline Kirk.

Can science fiction help us understand our real world future? Are there elements of prediction that can help us face challenges in the real world? Can I get some lottery numbers from you please? Our panel discusses how SF interprets the future and how this might be relevant to the present as we look forwards. 

10:00am: Traders Open
Browse our selection of publishers and grab yourself some excellent books. Traders close at 6pm.

Launch:  Dead Ink - Writing the The Future. Saturday 10.00am (Main Room)

Dan Coxon

Building Your Writer Website- Saturday 10.00am (Panel Room 1) 
E.M. Faulds (Moderator)
, Steve Morgan, George Penney, Ryan Cahill, Cheryl Morgan.

Designing and maintaining your own space on the internet is part and parcel of being a writer these days. Our panel will go through some of the ways you can set up your website and offer advice on the dos and don’ts.

Fantasy Readings - Saturday 10.00am (Room 4)
Kit Whitfield, Shona Kinsella, Robin CM Duncan

Bad Girls in SFF - Saturday 10.30am (Panel Room 2)
A. Y. Chao (Moderator), Saara El-Arifi, Samantha Shannon, Tasha Suri, Kate Dylan.

Gone are the days of the meek princess awaiting rescue - a new crop of SFF protagonists are tearing up the rulebook and writing a different kind of story.

Detective Fiction in the Genres - Saturday 10.30am (Panel Room 3)
Sandra Unerman (Moderator), Tim Major, Dave Brzeski, Simon Clark, Alice James.

There’s been a crime. There needs to be an investigation. That could be in space, in a fantasy world, or part of a horror story with elements far beyond the real. Our panel explore the interaction between a detective narrative and elements of fantasy, horror and science fiction.

Bar Opens 11am (Closes 12 Midnight)

Launch: Luna Press Maureen Kincaid Speller - Saturday 11.00am (Main Room)

Francesca T Barbini

Horror Readings - Saturday 11.00am (Room 4)
Tracy Fahey, Mathew Gostelow, Timothy J. Jarvis


Marketing and Promoting Your Work - Saturday 11.00am (Panel Room 1)
Richie Billing (Moderator), Lauren McMenemy, Steve Morgan, Tiffani Angus, Teika Marija Smits.

The hardest thing can be to sell yourself and your work. But in a crowded publishing industry, it is difficult to find the audience you deserve. Our panel share some advice and experiences of how they handle the challenge.

Fantasy Readings - Saturday 11.00am (Reading Room)
Lucy A. MclarenIan Hunter

Fantasy in Contemporary Times - Saturday 11.30am (Panel Room 2)
James Bennett (Moderator), Juliet E Mckenna, C. K. McDonnell, David Green, Randee Dawn.

Mixing 21st century mileu with the trapping of fantasy is bread and butter to many writers and readers. The subgenres abound, involving all sorts of supernatural and magical. Join our exploration of modern times with a magical twist.

Multi-culturalism in SFF - How to get it right - Saturday 11.30am (Panel Room 3)
Omar Kooheji  (Moderator), Stewart Hotston, João F. Silva, Gabriela Houston, Anna Stephens

Fantasy, Horror and Science Fiction offers writers a chance to explore all sorts of different cultures and societies. Our panel discusses the ways in which you can avoid the pitfalls when trying to create worlds of diversity and variety.

Launch: Darkness Visible Publishing - Bloody Crazy Series by Simon Clark - Saturday 12 Noon (The Main Room)

Simon Clark

Fantasy Readings - Saturday 12 Noon (Room 4)
Rosanne Rabinowitz, Ellis Saxey, Susan York

Science Fiction  Readings - Saturday 12 Noon (Reading Room)
Tim Major, Adrian Tchaikovksy, Allen Stroud

Other People’s Worlds - Saturday 12 Noon (Panel Room 1)
Mike Brooks (Moderator), Guy Haley, Anna Stephens, Maura McHugh, Weiqi Wang.

When the brand isn’t your brand and your work uses characters or a setting that already has a history, there are a variety of important priorities you have to consider. Our panel discusses the how you go about working with pre-existing fictional worlds.

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