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Fantasycon:  Panels, Workshops and Presentations List (Saturday Evening)

Here is the list for Saturday. Click on the activity you are interested in to find out more.

Launch: Fly On The Wall - Saturday 5pm (The Main Room)

Readings - Saturday 5pm (Room 4)
Phil Sloman, Trip Galey, Neil Williamson

Fantasy Readings - Saturday 5pm (The Reading Room)
Tad Williams, Frances White, David Wragg


Supporting Artists - Saturday 5pm (Panel Room 1)
Rose Drew (Moderator), Jenni Coutts,  David McCormack, Weiqi Wang, Andrew Knighton.

Stories can describe incredible places and moments. An artist who works on a cover, or collaborates with a graphic novelist is a massive part of how that world is imagined by the reader. The artist perspective and approach can be different, but just as creative. 

The Shudder - Saturday 5.30pm (Panel Room 2) 
David Watkins (Moderator), Eygló Karlsdóttir, Catherine Cavendish, Alison Littlewood, Simon Kurt Unsworth.

How do you work with the scary? What makes a reader afraid and how can a writer use that fear? Join our panel as they discuss this key element of writing horror.


Contracts - Saturday 5.30pm(Panel Room 3)
Allen Stroud (Moderator), Joanne Harris, Francesca T Barbini, Dan Coxon, Lauren Mcmenemy.

Surprisingly or unsurprisingly, writers are often very anxious about the wording of a contract. After the euphoria fades, should we be worried about what we signed? Our panels shares some experiences with contracts.


Readings - Saturday 6pm (The Reading Room)

Jen Williams
Writerly Experiences - Saturday 6pm (Room 4)
Heide Goody (Moderator), Ian Whates, Thomas D. Lee, Aparna Verma, Justin Lee Anderson

The journey of every writer is different. Where are you in your work right now? What has helped you along the way? Our panel share their journeys and try to offer some advice and support from their experiences.


The Doctor Who Panel - Saturday 6pm (Panel Room 1)
Sasha Sienna (Moderator), Tim Major, Ben Kurt Unsworth, Mark Morris, Raven Dane.

The UK’s most famous time traveller! Our panel discuss their experiences of Doctor Who and consider the influence of the franchise in SFF.


Let’s Play Fantasy Ecology - Saturday 6.30pm (Panel Room 2)
PS Livingstone (Moderator), Susie Williamson,  Chris Behrsin, João F. Silva.

Living things and the worlds they inhabit. Writers of Fantasy are not bound by reality and so can invent wieird and wonderful things. Join us for a tour amidst the creatures and peoples that never existed. Help us invent new life and discuss how it might survive and thrive.


Self Publishing Journeys - Saturday 6.30pm (Panel Room 3)
David Cartwright (Moderator), Kevin Elliott, David Watkins, Ryan Cahill, Michael R. Miller.

Is self-publishing right for you? Or is it something you just want to explore so you have options? Our panel discuss their experiences with self-publishing and offer some advice.


The British Fantasy Awards Banquet - Saturday 7pm (The Main Room). 
The society’s annual dinner that precedes The British Fantasy Awards.


The Great British Monster Off -  Saturday 7.30pm (Panel Room 2)
Iain Grant (Moderator), Ellis SaxeyHeide Goody, Ashley Stokes, Theresa Derwin

They come from impossible worlds, drawn from terrifying stories to compete in this contest of champions. Who will win? Dragons? Demons? Parasites? Viruses? A humorous face off between monstrous beasties!

The Tropes Bin - Saturday 7.30pm (Panel Room 3)
Robin CM Duncan (Moderator), Mark Morris, Lucy Mclaren, Sandra Unerman, Kevin Elliott.

Fantasy, Horror and Science Fiction all have their formulas of plot, character and setting. What are the tropes that have been done to death, or passed their sell by date? Can we dust some of them off and give them new life?


Fantasy Readings - Saturday 8pm (The Reading Room)
Adam Millard
Ben Kurt UnsworthRyan Cahill

The Return of Utopias/The End of Dystopias - Saturday 8.30pm (Panel Room 3)
Rose Drew (Moderator)Rosanne Rabinowitz, Andrew Crowther, Eliza Mood.

The world turns and the lights dim. When we are looking for hope or an escape from grim reality, a better world awaits in utopian fiction. Are there better ways for human civilisation? How do these new utopias answer their critics? Similarly, with the world turning to the dark, is this the end for the fictional apocalypse?

The British Fantasy Awards - Saturday 9pm (The Main Room).
Featuring the prize giving for Best Anthology, Best Artist, Best Collection, Best Comic/Graphic Novel, Best Fantasy Novel, Best Film/TV Production, Best Horror Novel, Best Independent Press, Best magazine/Periodical, Best Newcomer, Best Non-fiction, Best Novella, Best Short Fiction, Best Audio
Work, and the Karl Wagner Award.

Dungeons & Disorderly - Saturday 10.00pm (Panel Room 1)

David Thomas Moore (Moderator), Alice James, Stewart Hotston, Mike Brooks, AK Faulkner, Laura Bennett.

This panel will start after the awards concludes. It’s the return of the annual Dungeons and Disorderly panel! Join David Thomas Moore as he leads a haphazard gang of cyber wizards, biker elves and hacker trolls in a poorly executed heist in an edgy near-future world where metal meets magic…


Tales From The Dark - Saturday 10.00pm (Panel Room 3)

Kit Power (Moderator), Eygló Karlsdóttir, Philip Fracassi, Tina Rath.

This panel will start after the awards concludes. Late night horror short stories in the dark from a selection of horror writers, presented by Kit Power. Be prepared to be scared!

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