Fantasycon:  Panels, Workshops and Presentations List (Saturday Evening)

Here is the list for Saturday. Click on the activity you are interested in to find out more.

Launch: Black Shuck - Saturday 5pm (The Main Room)

Steve Shaw


Mythic and Fairytale Readings - Saturday 5pm (The Reading Room)

Ai Jiang

Tamanna Dhuppad


Editors - Saturday 5pm (Panel Room 2)
Pete Sutton (Moderator), Carlie M. A. Cullen, Peter Coleborn, Juliet Mushens


The writer writes. The editor edits. What is an editor for? The work of an editor is often an uncredited task. How do they work with a writer and help them to achieve the best possible treatment of their story.


This is not Me but it is My Voice - Saturday 5.30pm (Panel Room 2)

F. D. Lee (Moderator), Mike Brooks, Anna Stephens, Susie Williamson


What are the characters we don’t see enough of? Who are the people writing those kind of characters with life experiences that inform their work?


Games and Gaming- Saturday 5.30pm (Panel Room 3)

John Dodd (Moderator), Stark Holborn, Laura Mauro, Amy Brennan


Gaming can be an inspiration, an outlet or even an industry that writers contribute to. Our panel of contributors who are part of the games industry in a variety of ways share their experiences.


Launch: Wizard’s Tower Press - Saturday 6pm (The Main Room)

Cheryl Morgan, Juliet E. Mckenna


Fantasy Readings - Saturday 6pm (The Reading Room)

Justin Lee Anderson

Adam Simcox


No Seriously, We *Have* Always Fought: Developing Historical Awareness in SFF - Saturday 6.00pm (Panel Room 1)

Fiona Moore (Moderator), Ali Baker, Farah Mendlesohn, Lorraine Wilson


Reading the Internet recently, you could be mistaken for thinking that queer characters, exploration of trans issues and alternative sexualities, female and POC writers, and many other things, are all new to SFF, ignoring the fact that these have all been a part of the genre(s) for a long time, in some cases since the very beginning. This panel will discuss how we can build greater awareness of the historical depth of socially progressive writing in SFF in the wider culture.


Worldbuilding for the Reader- Saturday 6.30pm (Panel Room 2)

Peter Newman (Moderator), Shona Kinsella, Mike Brooks, David Green


The world of a story is created by the writer, but it is the reader who imagines it when they read. Our panel discuss worldbuilding techniques that they use and how they help them communicate their story to an audience.


Reviews on Trial - Saturday 6.30pm (Panel Room 3)

Pippa Bailey (Moderator), Jim Mcleod, Dave Watkins


Reviewing books, the work of a reviewer. What’s coming out? What’s the best way to engage with it. Our panel discuss how reviewers operate and their part in supporting readers and writers.


Guest of Honour Interview: Saturday 7pm (The Main Room)

Marcus Gipps, Shona Kinsella

Marcus Gipps interviewed by Shona Kinsella


Readings - Saturday 7pm (The Reading Room)

Gary Couzens, Tej Turner, Peter Sutton

The Mythic and the Darkness - Saturday 7pm (Panel Room 3)

Lucy Hounsom (Moderator), James Worrad, Rosanne Rabinowitz, Gabriela Houston


Stories that linger. Descriptions and fragments that suggest depth and meaning far greater than the words on the page. Real world myths can be a tremendous source for writers, and there are mythmaking techniques that many employ to add something that can stay with the reader long after the book has finished and the light has been turned out. Our panel discusses myths and what might remain behind for imaginative readers.


Words and Pictures- Saturday 7.30pm (Panel Room 2)

Robert Malan (Moderator), Clint Wastling, Allen Ashley, Andrew Knighton


Whether its graphic novels, comics, cover illustrations, adaptations, or the images invoked by the words on the page, the visual element of any story, be it imagined, or realised is incredibly important. Our panel discuss the relationship between words and pictures from a variety of perspectives and how different formats change the way artists create in visual and written forms.


Children’s Fiction and YA - Saturday 7.30pm (Panel Room 3)

Ali Baker (Moderator), Sofia Rhei, Marisa Noelle, Damien Hine


Good stories for a younger audience have become sophisticated and imaginative narratives that fire up and inspire the minds of their readers. What makes good YA fiction or good middle-grade fiction? Our panel discusses their impressions of the field.


Fantasy Readings - Saturday 8pm (The Reading Room)

RJ Barker,

Juliet E Mckenna

David Wragg


The Horror, The Weird, The Supernatural - Saturday 8pm (Panel Room 1)

Graeme Reynolds (Moderator), Pauline Kirk, Simon Clark, Jason Whittle


The genre of Horror has some qualities that readers see as being definitive. However, both Weird Fiction and Supernatural Fiction have some of these qualities. What is horror and how does it relate to the Weird and the Supernatural? Our panel discusses this question and relate their own interpretation and uses of tools and techniques associated with these genres.


Fiction and the World Around Us- Saturday 8.30pm (Panel Room 2)

Amanda Read (Moderator), Amy Brennan, Sofia Rhei, Rosanne Rabinowitz


Whether we look to nature for inspiration, or geology, or anthropology, the research that writers do, delving into each field in turn can be incredibly rewarding. Our panel discusses different influences on writing that can be taken from the world we live in and the ways in which some robust scientific thinking can improve stories, worlds and other works.


Families in Fantasy and Horror - Saturday 8.30pm (Panel Room 4)

Anna Smith Spark (Moderator), Gabriela Houston, Phil Sloman, Peter Newman


The inheritors of a dynastic legacy, or a group imperilled together because of the home they share. Families and family relationships are something readers recognise. How are they used and how could they be used differently in Fantasy and Horror?


Science Fiction Readings - Saturday 9pm (The Reading Room)

Stark Holborn

Allen Stroud


The Street - Saturday 9pm (Panel Room 1)

David Green (Moderator), Russell Smith, Angeline Trevena, Phil Williams


The urban fantasy genre can reflect much of the world in which we live. Urban horror can ensure there are monsters in the shadows, waiting for us if we make a wrong turn. Our panel considers the city and the sprawl as a setting for their stories. What makes it interesting and appealing?


Post Pandemic Audiences - Saturday 9.30pm (Panel Room 2)

Eliza Mood (Moderator) Adam Simcox, Marisa Noelle, Stephen Oram


A global pandemic has been a popular topic for many writers. Now, after the world readership has experienced one, how is the audience’s taste for fiction changed? Our panel tries to read the tea leaves and determine what might be the new stories that people want to read.


Music and Writing - Saturday 9.30pm (Panel Room 3)

Andrew Hook (Moderator), Neil Williamson, Allen Stroud, Kevin McVeigh.


Some writers are inspired by music, others use it as they write. Audio writers see it as part of the final form of their work. Our panel discusses music and writing. How one can relate to the other.


Horror Readings - Saturday 10pm (The Reading Room)

Chrissey Harrison

Phil Sloman

Charlotte Bond


Dungeons and Disorderly - Saturday 10.00pm (Panel Room 1)

Dave Moore (Moderator), Emily Inkpen, Anna Stephens, Anna Smith Spark, Russell A. Smith, Mike Brooks, Stewart Hotston


That Is Not Dead Which Can Eternal Shop… Game master David Thomas Moore wields the Big D20 once more, as a team of intrepid investigators uncovers some sort of plot by ulta-consumerist cultists to raise an ancient evil or something. Bring your most obscure adjectives (no, really, we’ll need them).


Tales from the Dark With Kit Power - Saturday 10.30pm (Panel Room 2)

Kit Power (Moderator), Laura Mauro, CC Adams, David Watkins, Marian Womack


Late night horror short stories in the dark from a selection of horror writers, presented by Kit Power. Be prepared to be scared!