Fantasycon:  Panels, Workshops and Presentations List (Saturday Evening)

Here is the list for Saturday. Click on the activity you are interested in to find out more.
The HWA Panel - Saturday 5pm (Panel Room 1) 
Maura McHugh (Moderator),  Marie O’Regan, Ramsey Campbell, Phil Sloman, CC Adams
What’s Changed in Worldbuilding? - Saturday 5pm (Panel Room 2) 
Peter Mclean (Moderator), Tasha Suri, Shona Kinsella, Clint Wastling, Jeannette Ng
Science Fiction: In Conversation with Gillian Redfearn - Saturday 5pm (Panel Room 4)
Gillian Redfearn, Tade Thompson, Rachel Winterbottom, Danie Ware, Tom Toner
Cavorite to Coaxium - Saturday 5.30pm (Panel Room 3)
Penny Ellis
Tor Panel and Signing Event - Saturday 6pm (The Jubilee Room)
Adrian Tchaikovsky, Vic James, Genevieve Cogman, Lucy Hounsom
Shelley and Frankenstein - Saturday 6pm (Panel Room 1)
Kevin McVeigh (Moderator), G. V. Anderson, Tina Rath, Val Nolan, Suzie Wilde, Tade Thompson
Screenwriting for TV - Saturday 6pm (Panel Room 2)
Maura McHugh (Moderator), James T. Harding,  Stephen Volk, Terry Grimwood, Gavin Williams, Stephen Gallagher
Women in Genre Fiction - Saturday 6pm (Panel Room 4)
Teika Bellamy (Moderator), Susie Williamson, Shona Kinsella, Tiffani Angus, Catriona Ward
The Poetry Round Robin Saturday 6.30pm (until 8.30pm) (Panel Room 3)
Allen Ashley
Guest of Honour Interview: Farah Mendlesohn - Saturday 7pm (The Jubilee Room)
Farah Mendlesohn interviewed by Alison Baker
Writers and Computer Games - Saturday 7pm (Panel Room 1)
Allen Stroud (Moderator), Ruth EJ Booth, Ben P Holden, Jaine Fenn, Powder
Writing Warfare - Saturday 7pm (Panel Room 2)
Simon Bestwick (Moderator), Danie Ware, Anna Smith Spark, Andy Remic, Anna Stephens
The Room Where it Happens- Saturday 7pm (Panel Room 4)
Stewart Hotson (Moderator), Russell Smith, Eliza Chan, Allanah Hunt
The Changing Dragon - Saturday 8pm (Panel Room 1)
Katherine Inskip (Moderator), Paul Woodward, James Bennett, James Oswald, Jen Williams
Brave New Words (Live) - Saturday 8pm (Panel Room 2)
Ed Fortune, Maura McHugh, Anna Stephens, Rebecca Derrick, Ann Fortune, Claire North
Television Siblings - Saturday 8pm (Panel Room 4)
Allanah Hunt (Moderator), Tina Rath, James T. Harding
Writing and Representing Queer Characters in Genre Fiction - Saturday 8.30pm (Panel Room 3)
Danie Ware (Moderator), Joel Cornah, Penny Ellis, Julia Ember, Powder
Up, Up and Away! Superheroes in Genre Fiction - Saturday 9pm (Panel Room 1)
Eric Ian Steele (Moderator), Allanah Hunt, Ginger Lee Thomason, Mike Chinn, David Tallerman

Editing The Anthology - Saturday 9pm (Panel Room 2)
Teika Bellamy (Moderator), Francesca T Barbini, Colleen Anderson, George Sandison, Noel Chidwick

Horror: In Conversation with Gillian Redfearn - Saturday 9pm (Panel Room 4)
Gillian RedfearnRio Youers, James Oswald, Julie Crisp
Writing Groups - Saturday 9.30pm (Panel Room 3)
Terry Jackman (Moderator), Allen Ashley, Sandra Unerman, Susan Oke, Jacey Bedford
Funnies: Film Comedies in Fantasy, Horror & Science Fiction -  Saturday 10pm (Panel Room 1)
Richard Webb (Moderator), Iain Grant, Justin Lee Anderson
Putting the ‘Punk’ in Fiction - Saturday 10pm (Panel Room 2)
Andrew Knighton (Moderator), Kate Coe, Lee Harrison, Marian Womack, Ren Warom
New Terrors - Saturday 10pm (Panel Room 4)
Dan Coxon (Moderator), Rio Youers, Tade Thompson, Nina Allan