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Fantasycon:  Panels, Workshops and Presentations List (Friday)

Here is the list for Friday. Click on the activity you are interested in to find out more.
Please note, at the moment this schedule is provisional. We will revise and update sessions according to the information we receive from participants.

11.30am: Fantasycon Reception Opens (Reception Area)
Pick up your goodie bag and ID card from our desk. After this, a phone number will be left on the desk for you to contact if you have any queries. Registration closes at 10pm.


12 Noon: Traders Open
Browse our selection of publishers and grab yourself some excellent books. Traders close at 6pm.


Launch: Eerie River: David Green - Friday 4pm (Main Room)

David Green

New to Fantasycon - Friday 4.00pm (Panel Room 2)
Karen Fishwick (M

Is this your first time at Fantasycon? Been coming here a while? Pop along to our introductory session to meet new Fantasycon members.

Launch: PS Publishing - Friday 5pm (Main Room)

Fantasy Readings - Friday 5pm (Reading Room)
David Green, James Bennett, Randee Dawn.

Reading Something New - Friday 5pm (Panel Room 1)
Charlotte Bond (Moderator), Adri Joy, Rachel Knightley, Gary Couzens, Maura McHugh.

Admist the formulaic and familiar, just once in a while, a story comes along that does something different. We all need to expand our minds on occasion. Join us for reccomendations for your reading list!

Imaginative Audio - Friday 5pm (Panel Room 2)
Sasha Sienna (Moderator), Devin Martin, Emily Inkpen, George Penney, Nick Wells.

What does it take to make audio fiction? How can the medium speak in a way others cannot? Our panel share their experiences.

Launch:  Newcon Press - Friday 6pm (Main Room)

Ian Whates

Fantasy Readings - Friday  6pm (Reading Room)
Mark Stay, Jan Edwards.

Reading For Performance 2 - Friday 6pm (Panel Room 1)
T. H. Dray, EM. Faulds.

A return of T. H. Dray & EM Faulds' popular panel on how best to bring your work to an audience. A must for new writers who are planning to read at conventions. 

World Mythologies - Friday 6pm (Panel Room 2)
Charlotte Bond (Moderator), Tasha Suri, Alexander Glass, A. Y. Chao, Joanne Harris.

Writers draw inspiration from all sorts of sources. The lingering tales from the ancient past can be rich for reinterpretation and new exploration. Our panel discusses their own fictional mythologies and some of the real world elements they researched.

Welcome to Fantasycon - Friday  7pm (The Main Room)
Allen Stroud, Alastair Reynolds, Tasha Suri, Ian Whates.

Welcome to Fantasycon 2023! An introduction from the chair of the convention and introducing our guests of honour.

Horror Readings - Friday 7pm (Reading Room)
Marian Womack, Ashley Stokes, Eygló Karlsdóttir.

The Screenwriting Panel - Friday 7pm  (Panel Room 1)
Mark Stay (Moderator), Mark Morris, Gavin G. Smith, Phillip Fracassi, C. K. McDonnell, Sarah Pinborough

Screenwriting is a discipline adjacent to writing books. Some take to it easily, others find it an anathema. Our panel discusses their screenwriting experiences and offers some advice on writers who are interested in the dos and don’ts of the discipline.​

Award Recognition - Friday 7pm  (Panel Room 2)
Adri Joy (Moderator), Francesca T Barbini, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Simon Kurt Unsworth.

What makes a work worthy of an award? What’s it like to be nominated? How do all the different awards work? Our panel shares their experiences.

Karaoke: Rebellion - Friday 8pm (Main Room)

David Thomas Moore

Disability in SFF - Friday 8pm (Room 4)
Robin CM Duncan (Moderator), Kit Whitfield, Hesper Leveret, Allen Stroud.

How are disabled characters portrayed in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror? Can we highlight some good examples? Are there writer voices we should be championing to improve representation? This panel discusses stories that feature disabled characters.

Writing Collaborations - Friday 8pm (Panel Room 1)
Heide Goody (Moderator), Andrew Hook, Iain Grant, Alasdair Reynolds, Ruth Aylett.

Whether working with other writers on an anthology in a common setting, or writing a novel in partnership, there are methods of working that are particular to collaborators. Our panel share their experiences.

Poetry Corner - Friday  8pm (Panel Room 2)
Allen Ashley (Moderator)

In what has now become a staple of Fantasycon, Allen Ashley will once again be hosting the “Poetry Round Robin”. Bring a couple of poems to share. No stars, no guest readers, we will get round and appreciate everybody.
For further details: Contact Allen on


Horror Readings - Friday  8pm (Reading Room)
Phillip Fracassi, Benjamin Langley, C. C. Adams.

Fantasy Readings - Friday  9pm (Reading Room)
Damien Hine, Justin Lee Anderson, Anna Smith Spark.

Light and Laughter - Friday  9pm (Panel Room 1) 
Randee Dawn (Moderator), Donna Scott, Andrew Crowther, Thomas D. Lee, Adam Millard.

Fantasy and Science Fiction with humour? Stories with lightness. Sometimes these elements are ncessary to help readers get away from the real world. But, they can also be used to bring all sorts of other poignant qualities to a story. Our panel shares their experiences.

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