Fantasycon:  Panels, Workshops and Presentations List (Friday)

Here is the list for Friday. Click on the activity you are interested in to find out more.
Please note, at the moment this schedule is provisional. We will revise and update sessions according to the information we receive from participants.
Crowdfunding and Publishing - Friday 3.30pm (Panel Room 2)

Allen Stroud (mod) 

George Sandison, Shona Kinsella

Blogging in Genre Fiction - Friday  3.30pm (Panel Room 3)

Kit Power (m), Alasdair Stuart, Micah Yongo, Joel Cornah, Kate Coe

New to Fantasycon - Friday  4pm (Panel Room 1)

Karen Fishwick, Marguerite Kenner

The Elderly Guard - Friday 4.30pm (Panel Room 2)

Charlotte Bond (Moderator), David Stokes, Dion Winton-Polak, Mark A Latham, R B Watkinson

The Role of Class in Science Fiction and Fantasy - Friday 4.30pm  (Panel Room 3)

Kevin McVeigh (Moderator), Rosanne Rabinowitz, Peter Sutton, Laura Mauro, Alison Baker

Hysterical Fiction - Friday 4.30pm (Panel Room 4)
Richard Webb (Moderator), Heide Goody, Justin Lee Anderson, Duncan P. Bradshaw

Writing the Immortal Enemy - Friday  5.00pm (Panel Room 1) 
Simon Bestwick (Moderator), Ren Warom, Clint Wastling, Powder, Den Patrick
Robot Companions in Film and Television - Friday  5.30pm (Panel Room 2)
Stewart Hotston (Moderator), Eric Ian Steele, Dominic Dulley, Ruth EJ Booth, Russell Smith

Writing on a Contract - Friday  5.30pm (Panel Room 3)
Alasdair Stuart (Moderator), Julie Crisp, Mark A Latham, Simon Clark
Putting the Science in Science Fiction - Friday 5.30pm (Panel Room 2)
Tom Toner (Moderator), David Allan, Neil Williamson, Rose Drew, Rob Boffard
Shared Worlds - Friday 6pm (Panel Room 1)
Cheryl Morgan (Moderator), Dion Winton-Polak, Gavin Smith, Pauline Kirk, Adrian Tchaikovsky
Genre Interplay - Friday 6.30pm (Panel Room 2)
Paul StJohn Mackintosh (Moderator), Andrew Hook, Micah Yongo, Jane O’Reilly, Rob Boffard
Launch: Elite Lave Revolution (Audio Drama) - Friday 6.30pm (Panel Room 3)
Allen Stroud, Chris Jarvis
Fantasy: In Conversation with Gillian Redfearn - Friday 6.30pm (Panel Room 4)
Gillian Redfearn Peter Mclean, Lucy Hounsom, Den Patrick, Vic James
Fairy Tales and Folk Horror - Friday 7pm (Panel Room 1)
Charlotte Bond (Moderator), Teika Bellamy, Susan Boulton, Tom Johnstone
Adventures in Self Publishing 2 - Friday 7.30pm (Panel Room 2)
Heide Goody (Moderator), Iain Grant, Rachel Mclean, Steve Mchugh, Ritchie Valentine Smith
I’ve No Idea What I’m Doing - Friday 7.30pm (Panel Room 3)
Mike Brooks (Moderator), Russell Smith, RJ Barker, Allanah Hunt, Jeannette Ng
Edible Adventures - Friday 7.30pm (Panel Room 4)
Tom Toner (Moderator), Ginger Lee Thomason, Anna Smith Spark
Welcome to Fantasycon - Friday  8pm (The Jubilee Room)
Allen Stroud, Phil Lunt, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Farah Mendlesohn
Flash Fiction Deathmatches - Friday 8pm (Panel Room 1)
Gillian Redfearn (Moderator)Den Patrick, Shona Kinsella
The Shadow Booth with Dan Coxon - Friday 8.30pm (Panel Room 2)
Dan Coxon, Gary Budden, Timothy J. Jarvis, George Sandison, Mark Morris
The End of the World - Friday 8.30pm (Panel Room 3) 
Leila Abu el Hawa (Moderator), Helen Marshall, Tiffani Angus, Jane O’Reilly, Duncan P. Bradshaw
Writing for Film - Friday 8.30pm (Panel Room 4) 
Richard Webb (Moderator), Ben P Holden, Gavin Williams, Gavin Smith
Dungeons & Disorderly Module B2: The Sheep on the Borderlands - Friday 9pm (Panel Room 1)
Dave Moore (Moderator)Nate Crowley (Moderator)Eliza Chan, Anna Smith Spark, Helen Armfield, Phil Lunt, David Tallerman, Ed Fortune
Historical Fiction - Friday 9.30pm (Panel Room 2)
Stark Holborn (Moderator), Cameron Johnston, Tiffani AngusAnne Lyle, James Bennett, Farah Mendlesohn
Occult and Supernatural Adventures - Friday 9.30pm (Panel Room 3)
Peter Sutton (Moderator), Mike Chinn, Sue Tingey, Sara Jayne Townsend, Georgina Bruce
The Stephen Laws Lecture - Friday 9.30pm (Panel Room 4)
Stephen Laws
Dungeons and Disordely Module T1: The Temple of Elemental Weevils - Friday 10pm (Panel Room 1)
Dave Moore (Moderator), Nate Crowley (Moderator)Powder, Stewart Hotston, Lee Harris, Mike Brooks, RJ Barker, Penny Reeve