Adult Ticket - This is only valid if you have already bough a gold ticket.

If you puchase it without a gold ticket it will be refunded munus the booking fee. 

Adds LAN access  and exclusive VIP items to a Gold ticket. 

This also includes a single occupancy hotel room for the Saturday night only.  The activities included are for Saturday and Sunday.  

Price £50 + £5 non refundable booking fee

Lavecon 2021 VIP Platinum Upgrade from Gold

  • Any cancellations may be charged an admin fee and will lose booking fees. Cancellations
    after June 1st 2021 may not be refunded.

    Other Terms and Conditions of booking are on the website under “General Event Information”.

    Please contact us for details of volunteer or trading tickets.

    Please let us know about any access requirements when booking.