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Author Signings

Waterstones & Flame Tree signings will take place in the smaller Dealers’ Room, Stairwell Books signings will be in the larger Dealers room, Launch signings will be in the Main Room.


Friday Signings

4pm – Launch and Signing – David Green.

5pm – Launch and Signing – Ramsey Campbell, Tracey Fahey, Tim  Lebbon, Stephen Jones & Guest of Honour Ian Whates.

6pm – Launch and Signing - Terry Grimwood, Emma K. Leadley, Teika Marija Smits, Ida Keogh, David Gullen & Guest of Honour Ian Whates.


Saturday Signings

10am Launch and Signing - Dan Coxon & Maura McHugh.

10.30am – Stairwell Books - Eliza Mood

10.50am – Waterstones - Joanne Harris

11am – Stairwell Books - Susie Williamson & Ruth Aylett

11.10am – Waterstones – Jen Williams

11.30am – Waterstones - Saara El-Arifi

12noon – Launch and Signing - Simon Clark & Roger Keen

12noon – Stairwell Books - Pauline Kirk & Andrew Crowther

12.10am - Waterstones - Sarah Pinborough

12.30pm - Waterstones – Guest of Honour Alastair Reynolds

2pm – Launch and Signing – Anna Smith Spark & Allen Stroud.

2.30pm – Waterstones – Tad Williams

2.40pm – Waterstones – Guy Haley

3pm – Stairwell Books - Eliza Mood

3pm – Waterstones – Samantha Shannon

3pm - Launch and Signing - Jen Williams, Trip Galey, Marie O'Regan, Paul Kane, Tori Bovalino, Sarah Pinborough, Joanne Harris, Paul Finch, Alison Littlewood, Anna Smith Spark &  Laura Mauro. 

3.20pm – Flame Tree – Catherine Cavendish

5pm – Launch and Signing - Rachel Grosvenor


Sunday Signings

10am – Stairwell Books - Susie Williamson & Ruth Aylett

10.30am – Waterstones - Adrian Tchaikovsky

12noon – Waterstones – Guest of Honour Tasha Suri

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