Fantasycon:  Panels, Workshops and Presentations List (Saturday Daytime)

Here is the list for Saturday. Click on the activity you are interested in to find out more.
Guest of Honour Interview: Adrian Tchaikovsky - Saturday 10am (The Jubilee Room)
Adrian Tchaikovsky interviewed by Ian Whates
When Magic Goes Wrong - Saturday 10am (Panel Room 1)
Katherine Inskip (Moderator), Steve Mchugh, Ruth de Haas, RJ Barker, Ren Warom
Feminism and Feminist Themes in Genre Fiction - Saturday 10am (Panel Room 2)
Georgina Bruce (Moderator), Teika Bellamy, Anna Stephens, Cheryl Morgan, Laurel Sills
Workshop: Writing the Agent Submission Pack - Saturday 10am (Panel Room 3)
Anna Smith Spark
Workshop: Fractal Writing - Saturday 10am (Panel Room 4)
Heide Goody, Iain Grant
Breaking the Glass Slipper (Live) - Saturday 11am (Panel Room 1)
Lucy Hounsom, Megan Leigh, Charlotte Bond, RJ Barker, Claire North
Corporate History in Speculative Fiction - Saturday 11am (Panel Room 2)
David Thomas Moore (Moderator), Russell Smith,  R. B. Watkinson, Neil Williamson

Organising Events and Awards - Saturday 11.30am (Panel Room 2)
Steven Poore (Moderator), Leila Abu el Hawa, Jan Edwards, Peter Sutton
Poetry Masterclass: Telling it Slant: The Distorting Lens of Fantasy - Saturday 11.30am (Panel Room 4)
Sarah Doyle
Writing for Children - Saturday 12 Noon (Panel Room 1)
Susi Holliday (Moderator), Francesca T Barbini, J A Browne, Pauline Kirk
Heinlein and the Fantastic - Saturday 12 Noon (Panel Room 2)
Farah Mendlesohn
Micro Fiction/Flash Fiction - Saturday 12.30 (Panel Room 3)
Allen Ashley (Moderator), Colleen Anderson, Stephen Oram, Steve Toase
Religion in Genre Fiction - Saturday 1pm (Panel Room 1) 
Iain Grant (Moderator) Naomi Foyle, Rosanne Rabinowitz, Terry Grimwood, Marion Pitman, Tasha Suri
The Artist in Fantasy, Horror and Science Fiction -  Saturday 1pm (Panel Room 2)
Ian Whates (Moderator), Bruce Myers, Kristina Carvey, J A Browne, Joanne M. Harris
Invisible People - Saturday 1pm (Panel Room 4)
Ginger Lee Thomason (Moderator), Rod Duncan, Joel Cornah, Rose Drew, Nick Wood, Anna Smith Spark 
Introduction to the Kitschies - Saturday 1.30pm (Panel Room 3)
Leila Abu el Hawa (Moderator), Nina Allan, Claire North, Nazia Khatun
Being BFA Nominees - Saturday 2pm (Panel Room 1)
Ed Fortune (Moderator), James Everington, Anna Smith Spark, Stephen Volk, Jen Williams
Writing for Audio - Saturday 2pm (Panel Room 2)
Megan Leigh (Moderator), Guy Adams, A. K. Benedict,  Chris Jarvis, Stephen Gallagher 
The Genre Magazine - Saturday 2pm (Panel Room 4)
Laurel Sills (Moderator), Terry Jackman, Cheryl Morgan,  Laura Mauro, Sandra Unerman
Reviewing and Getting Reviewed - Saturday 2.30pm (Panel Room 3)
Susan Oke (Moderator), Phil Sloman, Nina Allan, Kevin McVeigh, Rob Boffard
What Lurks in the Darkness - Saturday 3pm (Panel Room 1)
Paul StJohn Mackintosh (Moderator) Ramsey Campbell, Catriona Ward, Ray Cluley, Stephen Laws, Susi Holliday
From Colonial to Decolonisation: Approaches in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror - Saturday 3pm (Panel Room 2)
Nick Wood (Moderator), Stewart Hotson, Allanah Hunt, Naomi Foyle
Are We All Teenagers at Heart? - Saturday 3pm (Panel Room 4)
Charlotte Bond (Moderator), Penny Ellis, Julia Ember, Juliet Kemp, Den Patrick
Writers and Roleplaying Games - Saturday 3.30pm (Panel Room 3) 
Alasdair Stuart (Moderator), Danie Ware, Allen Stroud, Gavin Smith, Sara Jayne Townsend
Publishing Panel - Saturday 4pm (Panel Room 1)
Robert Malan (Moderator), Gillian Redfearn, Ed Wilson, Lee Harris, Donna Bond
Writing Short Fiction - Saturday 4pm (Panel Room 1)
Juliet Kemp (Moderator), Kristina Carvey, Lesley Jones, Mark West, Joanne M. Harris
Choosing a Writing Course - Saturday 4pm (Panel Room 4)
Allen Ashley (Moderator), Marian Womack, Helen Marshall, Val Nolan, Laurel Sills
Adding The Audio Book - Saturday 4.30pm (Panel Room 3)
R. B. Watkinson (Moderator), Megan Leigh, Pauline Kirk