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Fantasycon:  Panels, Workshops and Presentations List (Saturday Afternoon)

Here is the list for Saturday. Click on the activity you are interested in to find out more.

Doing the Research - Saturday 12.30 (Panel Room 2)
Tristan Gray (Moderator), Benjamin Langley, Lucy Holland, Ashley Stokes, David Wragg.

Often, writers emerse themselves in the subject material of their stories. If you don’t, you risk being pulled up by a well-informed reader when you get something wrong! Our panel discusses the ways they research stories and how that research helps their writing.

World Ending Villainy - Saturday 12.30 (Panel Room 3).
Paul Woodward (Moderator), M H Ayinde, Will (W.P.) Wiles, Tina Rath, Anna Smith Spark.

Fantasy and Science Fiction stories often feature a Dark lord or lady. Many 21st century stories examine these archetypes in more detail - beyond the surface agenda. This discussion covers the twisted rationales of these would be world tyrants and destroyers.

Guest of Honour Interview: Ian Whates - Saturday 1pm (Main Room).

Ian Whates

Fantasy Readings - Saturday 1pm (Room 4)
Charlotte Bond, Gary Couzens, Anna Stephens


Horror Readings - Saturday 1pm (Reading Room)
Ramsey Campbell, Catherine Cavendish


The Elusive Agent - Saturday 1pm (Panel Room 1)
Ed Wilson (Moderator), Laura Bennett, Amanda Rutter,  Bethany Ferguson.

Are you sending submissions and getting rejections? Our panel tries to explain the mysterious work of agents. How many submissions they receive, why they accept and reject and what happens after that. Join in to learn about the process from writer to publication.

Immersion - Saturday 1.30pm (Panel Room 2)
Lucy Holland (Moderator), S. Slottje, Kit Whitfield, Tiffani Angus, Tad Williams

They suck you in. Right up to the tips of your ears and beyond. Stories can be an escape, but sometimes that escape can become all encompassing and consuming. How do we get immersed? What are the best and most moving stories? The ones that scare, that thrill and make you cry.

Folk Source - Saturday 1.30pm (Panel Room 3)
Gabriela Houston (Moderator), Jan Edwards, Alison Littlewood, Tracy Fahey, Maura McHugh

Tales passed down through generations. Local legends re-imagined into lingering horror or magical fantasy. Folktales cross genres and remain as sources of inspiration for writers. We will discuss.


Launch: Flame Tree Press - Anna Smith Spark & Allen Stroud - Saturday 2pm (Main Room)

Anna Smith Spark, Allen Stroud, Nick Wells.

The Muse - Saturday 2pm (Panel Room 1)
Juliet E. Mckenna (Moderator)Ian Hunter, Shellie Horst, Russell Smith

Where do you get your inspiration for writing? Does the creativity well ever run dry? If it does, what are your tips for finding your muse again? How do you preserve your creativity in a long writing career? This panel will consider the barriers to being and maintaining a career as a professional writer.

Science Fiction Readings - Saturday 2pm (The Reading Room)
E.M. FauldsEliza Mood, Jess Hyslop

Fantasy Readings - Saturday 2pm (Room 4)
Gabriela Houston, Elijah Kinch Spector, Susie Williamson

Between Genres - Saturday 2.30pm (Panel Room 2)
Allen Ashley (Moderator), Dan Coxon, Adam Millard, Frances White, Andrew Hook.
You can have spaceships and dragons. You can have magic and laser beams. The writer’s toolbox doesn’t have to be genre specific. Our panel discuss writing that can’t be put into one particular genre box and how they go about it. 

Fantasy: Where Are The People Like Me? - Saturday 2.30pm (Panel Room 3)
Cheryl Morgan (Moderator), Lindz Mcleod, Omar Kooheji, C. L. McCartney.

A panel that looks at how different readers can see themselves in the fantasy worlds of authors. This is a consideration of identity and formative inspiration. 

Launch: Titan - Saturday 3pm (The Main Room)

Fantasy Readings - Saturday 3pm (The Reading Room)
Ruth Aylett, A. Y. Chao, Alice James

Writing 21st Century Horror - Saturday 3pm (Panel Room 1)
Kat Day (Moderator), Phil Sloman, Ramsey Campbell, Philip Fracassi, Raven Dane.

What are the new techniques and innovations in Horror? Is there a new scare? How does the tradition of horror writing help us develop new stories and new ideas? Join our panel to discuss and pick up some reading reccomendations.

Fantasy Fellowship Panel: Connecting with the Reader Market - Saturday 3pm (Room 4)
I.R. Fox (Moderator), Kiya Evans, Brett Kirchner, Eleanor Teasdale, Sarah Wilkinson.

Fantasy Fellowship sits down with experts from across the book industry to discuss what makes a book sell successfully and what draws readers to purchase their next book.

Writing Fighting 2: The Revenge! - Saturday 3.30pm (Panel Room 2)
Anna Smith Spark (Moderator), Kate Dylan, David Wragg, Shauna Lawless, Aparna Verma.

The combat scene panel returns! Expert authors discuss how they approach battles and duels in their novels. Who knows? They may even act out a few?

Writing for Younger Readers - Saturday 3.30pm (Panel Room 3)
Damien Hine (Moderator), Weiqi Wang, Sandra Unerman, Ian Hunter.

Telling a story for younger readers can be difficult. What are the dos and don’ts of writing fantasy, horror and science fiction that can inspire the next generation? What are the different categories and how do you define “Young Adult” or “Middle Grade”?

Guest of Honour Interview: Alistair Reynolds - Saturday 4pm (The Main Room)

Alastair Reynolds

Fantasy Readings - Saturday 4pm (Room 4)
Maura McHughAparna Verma, Raven Dane


Horror Readings - Saturday 4pm (The Reading Room)
Simon Kurt Unsworth, Steve Toase, Richard Clive

Character Gender and Sexuality - Saturday 4pm (Panel Room 1)
James Bennett(Moderator), Ruth Aylett, Elijah Kinch Spector, Trip Galey, C. L, McCartney.

Improving the way we portray gender, and the way in which sexuality is conveyed in fantasy, horror and science fiction is essential. There is always more to learn and more we can do. Our panel discuss positive representations and content, highlighting some ways in which writers could explore these elements thoughtfully.

Feminism in Fantasy Saturday 4.30pm (Panel Room 2)
Charlotte Bond (Moderator), Kate Dylan, Samantha Shannon, Susie Williamson, M H Ayinde.

Fantasy is improving, in terms of balance and the equity of characters and protagonists, but we have a ways to go. Our panel discusses positive developments of ‘F in F’.  

Creepy Creepy - Saturday 4.30pm (Panel Room 3)
Kat Day (Moderator), David Watkins, C.C. Adams, Catherine Cavendish, Will (W. P.) Wiles.

The horror seeps in, gradually builds, lingers and stays around long after you’ve shut the book, or turned off your ereader. Join our panel for a conversation on how best to create a little squeam.

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