Fantasycon:  Panels, Workshops and Presentations List (Saturday Afternoon)

Here is the list for Saturday. Click on the activity you are interested in to find out more.

On Screen - Saturday 12.30 (Panel Room 2)

Myk Pilgrim (Moderator), Gavin Smith, Adam Simcox


Fantasy and Horror on screen. With the profusion of streaming services and channels available to the audience, has our appetite for the genres on the small and the big screen changed? What are the interactions between the screen and the page? Our panel consider their own experiences and offer some insight into film and television.​


In Space - Saturday 12.30 (Panel Room 3)

Tom Toner (Moderator), John Dodd, Allen Stroud, Stark Holborn

Out there where there is no air. The Space Opera is the staple of science fiction. Our panel discusses the developments in contemporary science fiction, from television depictions, to a selection of their reading choices and ideas from their own writing.


Launch: Dead Ink- Saturday 1pm (The Main Room)

Dan Coxon, Robert Shearman, Lucie McKnight Hardy, Gary Budden, Timothy J. Jarvis


Readings - Saturday 1pm (The Reading Room)

Heide Goody

Ian Hunter


Researching the Novel - Saturday 1pm (Panel Room 1)

Stewart Hotston (Moderator), Adrian Tchaikovsky, Ashley Stokes


They say examining a writer’s search history on the internet while they’re working on a novel would raise some eyebrows! Our panel talk about their research processes when writing novels, looking at ethnography, online searching, library work and more.


Representing Sexuality Saturday 1.30pm (Panel Room 2)

Fiona Moore (Moderator), Sofia Rhei, Susie Williamson


Everyone has the right to love, even our characters. Sexuality in Fantasy, Horror and Science Fiction can be a brilliant part of a story, but some writers are hesitant to involve ‘distractions’ or think about attraction. Our panel discusses sexuality in their work and the genres.

In Audio - Saturday 1.30pm (Panel Room 3)

Charlotte Bond (Moderator), Pippa Bailey, Pauline Kirk, E. M. Faulds


Whether its a podcast, an audio book or an adapted audio drama, or a story told solely in audio, the rise of the listener as an audience compared with that of the reader is a modern phenomenon made easy through technology. Similarly, creators have found ‘a voice’ in audio. Join our panel in discussing the aspects of podcasting, audio narration, performance and more. 


Launch: Alchemy Press - Saturday 2pm (The Main Room)

Peter Coleborn, Jan Edwards, Stephen Jones, James Brogden, Mike Chinn, Pauline Dungate, Paul Finch, Tom Johnstone, Phil Sloman


Horror Readings - Saturday 2pm (The Reading Room)

CC Adams

Susan York

Fantasy Literature - Saturday 2pm (Panel Room 1)

Allen Stroud (Moderator), Farah Mendlesohn, Ali Baker, Ian Hunter


In 2009, Brian Stableford’s A to Z of Fantasy Literature was published by Rowman and Littlefield. The edition contained more than 500 writers and 200 specific concepts that inform Fantasy writing. Now, Fantasycon Chair, Dr. Allen Stroud has been commissioned to write the new ‘Historical Dictionary’ of the genre. What do you consider to be Fantasy Literature? Join the discussion.


Medieval Books by Jess Hyslop - Saturday 2.30pm (Panel Room 2)

Jess Hyslop


What does a Medieval book actually look like? And what is the difference between parchment and vellum? This talk by writer and book conservator Jess Hyslop will introduce you to the main materials, structures, and features of European Medieval books, with a view to helping fantasy writers avoid some common misconceptions.

System Thinking - Saturday 2.30pm (Panel Room 3)

Simon André Kledtke (Moderator), Angeline Trevena, Michael R. Miller


Magic and technology were considered together in Arthur C. Clarke’s Third law. Technology is built on systemic principles, so it follows that some writers believe in systemic thinking for magic and other aspects of a fictional story. Our panelists explore system thinking and consider how it can be helpful and how it might limit a writer when creating their works.


Guest of Honour Interview: Saturday 3pm (The Main Room)

Jen Williams, Juliet Mushens

Jen Williams interviewed by Juliet Mushens.


Science Fiction Readings - Saturday 3pm (The Reading Room)

Kevin Elliott

Faith (F. D. Lee)

Andrew Hook


Representing Race - Saturday 3pm (Panel Room 1)

Stewart Hotston (Moderator), CC Adams, Arawalo, Saara El-Arifi


How is race represented in contemporary fantasy, horror and science fiction? How have things changed? Have we managed to challenge and banish the tired tropes? Our panel discusses the representation of race, drawing on their own experiences.


Independent Presses - Saturday 3.30pm (Panel Room 2)

Teika Bellamy (Moderator), David Stokes, Cheryl Morgan, Peter Coleborn


Running an independent press is a unique challenge. Yet, these small businesses are the life blood of the Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror publishing industry. Our panel discuss the way in which independent presses work and what sort of writing they look for.


Beginning to Write - Saturday 3.30pm (Panel Room 3)

Rob Malan (Moderator), Lorraine Wilson, Ashley Stokes, Damien Hine


You want to write a short story, a novella, a novel. Perhaps you’ve done this before, or perhaps it is your first time? Our panel shares their experiences in beginning to write - the decision to try writing and all the things they learned along the way.


Launch: Grimbold Books - Saturday 4pm (The Main Room)

Peter Sutton


Open Readings - Saturday 4pm (The Reading Room)


An open hour for members of the convention to read from their work.


​The Art of Fantasy and Horror - Saturday 4pm (Panel Room 3)

Duncan Bradshaw (Moderator), Jenni Coutts, Chrissey Harrison, Stephen Jones


Images inspire us. Sometimes, the visual is an essential part of a book’s design, adding to the experience. Our panel discusses fantasy artwork and horror art work, that inspires and lingers in the memory of the beholder.


Post Lockdown Mental Health - Saturday 4.30pm (Panel Room 2)

Dan Coxon (Moderator), David Cartwright, Justin Lee Anderson, Kat Dunn


How are you doing? No, really, how are you doing? A panel to discuss experiences of the lockdown, how we’ve struggled and what ways we have found to keep going. Please take the chance to share and support each other.


Authors and Social Media - Saturday 4.30pm (Panel Room 2)

James Worrad (Moderator), Ben Marrow, Graeme Reynolds


In a world that seems to revolve around more and more noise, how can an author successfully navigate the bewildering number of social media channels? Is it worth engaging, participating and trying to promote your work? Our panel discusses social media and how best to make use of it.